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Oculoplastics Product Catalog

Vignette Oculoplastics Product Catalog

FCI S.A.S. is a world leader in the development of a wide range of ophthalmic surgical devices. Since the company’s inception in 1984, the innovative developments of FCI have helped physicians to solve problems related to epiphora, dry eye, eyelids, and orbital surgery, thanks to a wide range of innovative ophthalmic devices such as self-retaining intubation sets, lacrimal balloon catheter, injectable monocanalicular intubation, permanent punctal plugs, eyelids and orbital implants.

FCI Nunchaku® | Surgical Procedure

Vignette FCI Nunchaku® | Surgical Procedure

FCI Nunchaku® is a pushed silicone self-retaining bicanalicular nasolacrimal intubation stent that acts like a conformer, allowing tears to be drained by capillarity. The metallic guides are located inside the lumen, not as an extension of the stent as in conventional intubation sets. Therefore, no nasal retrieval is needed.

We would like to thank Kenneth V. Cahill , M.D. for his contribution to this video.

StopLoss™ Jones tube Introducer Set

Vignette StopLoss™ Jones tube Introducer Set

The StopLoss™ Jones tube introducer set enables the surgeon to choose the most appropriate diameter and length of the StopLoss™ Jones tube prior to tube insertion.

StopLoss™ Jones tube

Vignette StopLoss™ Jones tube

The new StopLoss™ Jones tube system puts an end to the high loss rate of ordinary Jones tubes yet is safe, effective and easy to use.

Ophtacath® | Lacrimal duct balloon catheter | DCP

Vignette Ophtacath® | Lacrimal duct balloon catheter | DCP

Ophtacath® is a lacrimal duct balloon catheter kit indicated for the dilation of an obstructed nasolacrimal duct. The balloon catheter works with a disposable inflation system to dilate the obstructed nasolacrimal duct, which is a most efficient solution to treat rapidly and durably the symptoms of epiphora.

Masterka® | Pushed Monocanalicular Nasolacrimal Intubation

Vignette Masterka® | Pushed Monocanalicular Nasolacrimal Intubation

Masterka® is FCI innovative solution for the treatment of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction resistant to probing. Unlike the traditional “pulled” technique, Masterka® has no metallic probe or suture attached to it and is therefore not pulled out of the nose.

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