Light Connectors


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Description :

FCI reusable light connectors are necessary for using Laser Illumination Probes and/or Light Probes. FCI Laser Illumination Probes and Light Probes come with a 19 Ga universal needle, that has to be inserted into the reusable light connector. Once this is done, the connector is then plugged into the light source socket of the vitrectomy machine. At the end of the procedure, the 19 Ga universal needle is removed from the reusable connector. This connector can stay connected to the light source, and will be used again for future surgeries by receiving another 19 Ga needle attached to a new disposable light probe.

Main characteristics :

• Reusable, box of 1
• Non sterile


S9.24.0A Light Connectors Alcon Accurus® & Constellation® Box of 1
S9.24.0B Light Connectors Bausch+Lomb Millenium® Box of 1
S9.24.0D Light Connectors Bausch+Lomb Stellaris® PC Box of 1
S9.24.0E Light Connectors DORC Box of 1
S9.24.0F Light Connectors Zeiss Box of 1

The reusable light connectors are Class I medical devices indicated for vitreoretinal surgery and manufactured by FCI S.A.S. - Notified Body: GMED CE n°0459.

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