For the last 30 years, FCI has been the specialist of the oculoplastic surgery thanks to its savoir-faire in this field and its numerous innovative devices.


Epiphora also known as watering eye or tearing, is a disorder that affects the balance between tear production and tear elimination. The main causes are an excessive production of tears or a nasolacrimal duct obstruction. As a world leader in this area, FCI can provide comprehensive solutions to treat effectively epiphora symptoms thanks to its wide range of lacrimal intubations.

Eyelid Repairs

Eyelids have multiple functions but their main and more important role is to protect the eyeball. They can be affected by disorders involving infections, inflammations, lesions or even mechanical disorders, that sometimes require a specific surgical treatment. With this in mind, FCI is dedicated to help you and to provide you with the best non-surgical and surgical solutions.


FCI orbital solutions provide a highly effective treatment options for orbital pathologies such as inflammations, trauma, or tumors that can involve a large variety of diseases. Among other innovative devices, FCI offers a wide range of orbital implants for enucleation & evisceration procedures, self-inflating tissue expanders to gain volume, and biopsy cannula for endocular cytoponction.

1st FCI lacrimal intubation created in 1986 (BIKA®)

FCI Ptose-up® has been upgraded with sharp needles

Bioceramic orbital implants protect the environment

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FCI is proud to present its lastest innovations for Epiphora, Eyelid Repairs & Orbital

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