Dr Bruno Fayet | International lacrymal Expert | February 1st, 1954 – August 18, 2022

Ophthalmologist and lacrimal duct surgeon, Dr Fayet studied at the faculty of medicine at Lariboisière Saint Louis Paris VII, and became a resident at Hôpitaux de Paris in 1980. He then worked as a physician, researcher and teacher at Hôtel-Dieu, before working part-time at the Hôtel Dieu – Cochin hospital.

Member of ESOPRS, SOP, and SOPREF (former officer), former vice-president of SFO

An eminent lacrimal duct specialist

Dr Bruno Fayet worked closely with FCI since its creation.

First, as a student of Dr Jean-Antoine Bernard, and then as a designer, Dr Fayet spearheaded several projects for developing mono- and bicanalicular nasolacrimal probes.

His first invention in the field of lacrimation treatment was the Bika® in 1986, a bicanalicular nasal intubation system, followed a few years later by the Monoka® and Mini Monoka®.

Without Dr Bruno Fayet’s involvement, FCI would not be what it is today – a leader in lacrimal duct treatment.

Dr Fayet constantly sought to increase patient comfort, especially that of young children, and never stopped thinking of new solutions or surgical techniques, such as the Masterka®, which he devised fifteen years ago

“Masterka® is a mix between the classic Monoka® and a venous catheter”1

or even his last innovation, the LacriJet®, the 1st pre-loaded monocanicular nasolacrimal intubation system.

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