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Description :

RetiJet® is FCI new silicone oil kit, with both injection and extraction functions.

Main characteristics :

For injection:
• One ready-to-use tubing system
• A green ring to secure FCI silicone oil syringe to the tubing set
• A choice of 23 Ga and 25 Ga injection cannulas
For extraction:
• One ready-to-use tubing system
• A green ring to secure the empty plastic syringe to the tubing set
• An extraction cannula
• Maximum pressure of 5 bars
• Sterile, box of 1


S5.7591 RetiJet® Compatible with: Alcon Accurus® – Constellation® | Dorc Eva® Box of 1
S5.7592 RetiJet® Compatible with: Bausch +Lomb Millenium® – Stellaris® PC Box of 1
S5.7593 RetiJet® Compatible with: Oertli® OrbitTM – FarosTM – OS3TM – OS4TM | Zeiss Visalis 500 (for injection only) Box of 1
S5.7594 RetiJet® Compatible with: RUCK PentaSys2- RUCK Qube® Pro | Geuder: Megatron®- S3 – S4 – S4 HPS Box of 1

RetiJet® silicone oil kit is a Class IIa medical devices indicated for vitreoretinal surgery and manufactured by FCI S.A.S. - Notified Body: GMED CE n°0459.

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