Super Grip Forceps


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Main characteristics :

• Micro serrations on the broad platforms to grasp fibrous membranes
• 360° handle actuation
• Innovative « 3D » anti-shredding tips design with 100 grams grasping force
• Longer shafts for myopic eyes: 32 mm length
• Low pressure needed to actuate handle
• Short stroke for optimal control
• Color coding for easy identification
• Removable handle for selective dexterity
• Available in 23 Ga, 25 Ga, 27 Ga
• Sterile, box of 5


S9.6018.23 Super Grip Forceps 23 Ga Box of 5
S9.6018.25 Super Grip Forceps 25 Ga Box of 5
S9.6018.27 Super Grip Forceps 27 Ga Box of 5

The Super Grip forceps are Class IIa medical devices indicated for vitreoretinal surgery and manufactured by FCI S.A.S. - Notified Body: GMED CE n°0459.

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