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Cleaning and Maintenance of FCI Surgical Instruments

FCI surgical instruments are shipped NON STERILE.


Our recommendations for the cleaning of our stainless steel and titanium surgical are as follows:


Remove blood and tissue immediately after use by rinsing with demineralized or distilled water.


Immerse the instrument in the decontaminating solution and follow the manufacturer’s instruction.
Avoid the use of chlorine that may corrode the stainless steel instruments.

Chemical inactivation of non conventional transmittable agents:

We recommend that the instruments are soaked in a 1N sodium hydroxide solution prepared with demineralized or distilled water for 60 minutes at 20°C / 66°F. This inactivation should be followed by a very careful soaking, until the pH value is neutral. The presence of residual sodium hydroxide on the instruments may cause corrosion during the sterilization. The presence of chlorine in tap water makes the sodium hydroxide solution corrosive, and therefore it is necessary to use demineralized or distilled water.
Rinse the instrument carefully with demineralized water.


Clean the instrument following one of these processes:
  • Mild soap solution and soft bristled toothbrush
  • Ultrasonic procedure for at least 5 minutes
  • Using a washing machine
  • Dry instruments quickly and completely

Sterilization (physical inactivation of non conventional transmittable agents):

Steam sterilization following a validated cycle according to your institution’s standards (recommended parameters are: 18 minutes at 134°C / 293°F, at 2 bars)
Take care to use an adapted sterilization box.

Practical advice:

  • Treat the instruments made from different metals separately
  • Do not mix instruments in good condition with instruments that are corroded or damaged
  • Check the function and the cleanliness of each instrument after cleaning

Cleaning of HUCO® Diamond knives:

HUCO® Diamond knives require a special cleaning procedure. Follow the instructions for use.

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