Upcoming Meetings

  • ESOPRS: Sept. 14-16, 2017, Stockholm, Sweden
  • EVRS: Sept. 15-17, 2017, Florence, Italy
  • ISD&DE: Oct. 5-7, 2017, Athens, Greece, booth N°15
  • ESCRS: Oct. 7-10, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, booth N°P259

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Eyelid Implants, External Eyelid Weights, and Lagophthalmos Treatments FCI

FCI is dedicated to helping physicians provide both surgical and non-surgical solutions, including eyelid implants and external eyelid weights, for the treatment of eyelid pathologies. The ophthalmic surgical devices and treatment methods developed by FCI address issues related to lagophthalmos, ptosis with frontalis suspension, and ocular exposure associated with temporary facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy. FCI is a world leader in the development of ophthalmic treatments and surgical devices.

To learn more about eyelid implants, external eyelid weights, lagophthalmos treatment methods, and our many other products, contact FCI.


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