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Dry Eye Products Punctum Plugs, Painless Plug

FCI is a world leader in the development of ophthalmic surgical devices and dry eye products for punctal occlusion. With a wide range of highly effective dry eye products, FCI is proud to help physicians worldwide better help their patients resolve dry eye issues.

Painless plug
Preloaded punctal plugs
Punctal gauges for preloaded punctal plugs
Single use lacrimal dilator
Reusable lacrimal dilators

Painless Plugs

Painless Plugs are designed to provide effective punctal occlusion for the treatment of dry eye. Like all products from FCI, Painless Plugs have been painstakingly researched, and they are manufactured from the most advanced materials. Our Painless Plugs are made of medical grade silicone and are preloaded in a stretched position, returning to their natural shape when released in the punctum. Before removing the inserter, it should be verified that the plug has been released into the punctum.

Individually sterile-packed
2 preloaded plugs per box
One-size-fits-all Plugs
No dilation
Ultra-thin collarette

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"Ready-Set" Punctum Plugs

These ultra-thin, medical-grade silicone collarette plugs are used for punctal occlusion. "Ready-Set" punctum plugs conform to the natural anatomy of the eyelid for maximum patient comfort. For ease of use, these punctal plugs from FCI are pre-loaded on a disposable inserter/dilator instrument and are easily removed with forceps.

Designed by J.A. Bernard, M.D.
Individually sterile-packed
2 preloaded plugs per box
Exclusive slanted collarette plugs hug the natural curve of the eye.
Micro to Large plugs have slightly larger bulbs to resist migration and prevent rubout.

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Double end lacrimal dilator

Reusable double dilators from FCI include fine and medium tapers.

Stainless steel

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If you would like to learn more about our dry eye products, punctum plugs for punctal occlusion, and more, contact FCI. We can provide further information about any of our products and will be happy to help you with your order.

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